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A Report of Earthquake Victim for Rescue, Relief and Rehabilitation 2015

Lisankhu, Sindhupalchok, Nepal.

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earthquake report of lisankhu




Earthquake is the most destructive form of nature. The earthquake that struck on 12th and 13th Baisakh 2072 in Nepal is considered as the second deadliest earthquake in the history of Nepal. The recent great earthquake turned to be very destructive in terms of the loss of lives and properties than in the past. The historically, culturally, religiously, archaeologically important heritages crumbled into pieces due to the devastating earthquake. More particularly, the heritages that were listed in the UNESCO are destroyed in the earthquake. Thousands of people lost their lives due to the earthquake. Many districts are affected severely by the destructive tremor. Among them Sindhupalchok happened to be the worst hit district in terms of human and property loss. The complete details of the loss rendered by the earthquake have not come out till this report is being prepared. The head quarter of the district “Chautara” has turned into the ruins of destruction after the earthquake. The most important business center like Kodari and the Araniko Highway that links Nepal and China are severely damaged. Almost all the VDCs of this district have bore the loss of lives and properties worth millions. Lisankhu, one of the VDC of the district has not remained exception. The heritage of the village that were religiously, culturally and historically important have been destroyed completely and partially together with school buildings, community buildings, markets, private houses, cow shades and animals. In such a difficult situation, lisankhu great earthquake victim assistance committee is formed with an aim to study the actual loss and damages from every single household. The committee aims to prepare a report with exact data of loss and damage by studying, collecting and analyzing the data thoroughly. We would like to offer heartfelt thanks to the head teacher of Buddhodaya Higher Secondary School, Buddha Ratna Lama, teacher Jiban Kumar Yonjan, teacher Krishna Bahadur Shrestha and Dhawa Sang Lama, former Head teacher of Buddhodaya who have prepared this report and special thanks goes to the representatives of different political parties, members of the earthquake victim’s committee, teachers, intellectuals, social workers, security personnel and local people who have contributed in many ways to prepare this report and wish for the best to overcome this difficult and sorrowful moment.  Similarly we would like to thank Mr. Jhalak Man Tamang, principal of Merryland English School, Jorpati Nayabasti for translating this report into English version.


Lisankhu Great Earthquake Victims Assistance Committee

Lisankhu, Sindhupalchok





We know that we are now in sorrowful and painful condition due to earthquake hit in Nepal. So, we humbly request you to stretch helpful hand towards the earthquake victims in Lisankhu. We have been looking forward to your positive response. Thank you.


Padma Bajra Lama

Lisankhu Great Earthquake Victims Assistance committee

Lisankhu, Sindhupalchok


The name list of data collectors of Lisankhu Earthquake

Ward no. Name of collectors Remarks
1 Pasang Ghyamchho Lama, Dhawa Sang Lama, Sabin Lama, Shambhu Yonjan, Serap Yonjan, Krishna Bahadur Tamang (police)
2 Padma Bajra Lama, Hira Lal Lama, Dhawa Wangel Lama, Krishna Bahadur Shrestha, Prem Shrestha, Durga Bahadur Shrestha, Saila Shrestha, Shankar Hamal (police)
3 Samlit Yonjan, Buddha Singh Lama, Ganga Yonjan, Kumar Yonjan, Tek Bahadur Tamang (Hawaldar)
4 Jiban Kumar Yonjan, Arjun Kumar Khadka, Buddha Siddhi Lama, Buddha Ratna Lama, Prabat Sundas, Dhana Lal B.K., Karma Ghyamchho Lama, Ram Naresh Shah (A.P.O.)
5 Dhawa Sang Lama, Buddha Siddhi Lama, Pasang Ghyamchho Lama, Maya Lama, Subba Yonjan, Chandra Singh Lama, Ashok Jha, Chauthi Lal Chaudhary, Kishor Sunuwar (police)
6 Dhawa Sang Lama, Buddha Siddhi Lama, Pasang Ghyamchho Lama, Maya Lama, Subba Yonjan, Karma Ghyamchho Lama, Kishor Sunuwar (police)
7 Samlit Yonjan, Buddha Singh Lama, Ganga Yonjan, Kumar Yonjan, Buddhi Man Tamang, Tek Bahadur Tamang (Halwaldar)
8 Hasta Bahadur Moktan, Bishnu Lal Shrestha, Om Bahadur Shakya, Jiban Kumar Yonjan, Buddha Ratna Lama, Sabin Lama, Shankar Hamal (police)
9 Padma Bajra Lama, Hem Ganga Moktan, Krishna Bahadur Shrestha, Hira Lal Lama, Purna Bahadur Tamang, Bishwa Tamang, Chandra Shekhar Chaudhary, Buddha Lama, Anil Lama, Sukra Tamang, Krishna Bahadur Tamang (police)


The name list of Lisankhu Great Earthquake Victims Assistance Committee

S. N. Name Address Responsibility Remarks
1 Padma Bajra Lama Lisankhu-3 Co-ordinator
2 Pasang Ghyamchho Lama ( NC) Lisankhu-1 Member
3 Hasta Bahadur Moktan (CPN-UML) Lisankhu-4 Member
4 Pasang Lama (U-Maoist) Lisankhu-1 Member
5 Hira Lal Lama (RPP) Lisankhu-2 Member
6 Buddha Siddhi Lama (RSP) Lisankhu-4 Member
7 Arjun Kumar Khadka (Secretary VDC) Member
8 Ram Naresh Shah (Security In-charge) Member
9 Prem Kumar Lama (President- BHSS) Lisankhu-4 Member
10 Buddha Ratna Lama (Head Teacher-BHSS) Lisankhu-1 Member
11 Samlit Yonjan (Former VDC President) Lisankhu-3 Member
12 Uday Lama (Head Teacher- JHS) Lisankhu-9 Member
13 Ram Prasad Upreti (Head Teacher-GUHS) Lisankhu-8 Member
14 Jogendra Mandal (In-charge Lisankh Health Post) Member
15 Kaji Lal Lama (President-Nawa Prabhat Youth Club) Lisankhu-4 Member
16 Dhawa Sang Lama Lisankhu-2
17 Dhawa Wangel Lama Lisankhu-2 Member
18 Jiban Kumar Yonjan Lisankhu-3 Member
19 Krishna Bahadur Shrestha Lisankhu-2 Member
20 Maili Tamang (President-Lisankhu Peace Committee) Lisankhu-7 Member
21 Nanda Kumari Shrestha Lisankhu-9 Member
22 Hem Ganga Moktan Lisankhu-3 Member
23 Buddha Siddhi Bal Lisankhu-3 Member
24 Sarki Sing Tamang Lisankhu-9 Member
25 Jagat Sing Tamang Lisankhu-7 Member
26 Chandra Sing Tamang Lisankhu-5 Member
27 Sukra Sing B.K. Lisankhu-3 Member
28 Kaji Bahadur Gyaba Lisankhu-9 Member
29 Raju Lama Lisankhu-9 Member
30 Purna Bahadur Tamang Lisankhu-9 Member
31 Bishnu Lal Shrestha Lisankhu-8 Member
32 Kabita B.K. Lisankhu-3 Member
33 Om Lal Shakya Lisankhu-8 Member
34 Prem Shrestha Lisankhu-2 Member
35 Ram Bahadur Gole Lisankhu-6 Member
36 Kaman Singh Lama Lisankhu-6 Member
37 Chini Maya Lama Lisankhu-7 Member





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